2016 marks our 125th anniversary as a global health care leader

This is an exciting time for our company and the world.

Today, we are at the forefront of inventing tools for the fight against some of the world’s most urgent global health challenges. This includes more than 30 different cancers, hepatitis C, Alzheimer’s disease, Ebola, antibiotic-resistant "superbugs," cardio-metabolic diseases, and many others.

Since our inception in 1891, Merck has pushed the boundaries of science with the hope and expectation that advancing scientific knowledge will lead to major advances in health. Merck has changed the world repeatedly through our history – from the development of the first vaccines for measles and mumps and the first vaccine for HPV that causes cervical and other cancers, to the development of ground-breaking medicines for heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, tuberculosis, HIV and melanoma, just to name a few.


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