Access Tiles


The application for this product offering will be for areas where segmentation of flooring is required. Dycem provides a significant business benefit to all key areas including:

  • Server rooms.
  • Communications rooms.
  • Critical IT environments subject to pedestrian and wheeled traffic.
  • All entrances to prevent the ingress of contamination.
  • Inside the critical areas to reduce the amount of airborne particulates.

Data centres - the facts

Dycem's access tiles are particularly important in data centres.

  • Studies show that 75% of hardware failures are caused by dirt.
  • One hour of downtime can cost an average of £300,000 (Source IBM Today). In comparison to these figures, the cost of preventative maintenance is minuscule.
  • The access tiles help reduce data loss, hardware failure, dust explosions and zinc whiskers by preventing dust and dirt entering your system.
  • Basic Specifications
  • Where to use
  • How to clean
  • How to use Dycem
  • Colour options
  • Chemical resistance
  • TDS
  • Our case studies
  • Purity Studies
  • Brochure downloads

There are two product offerings in Dycem's access tile range:


An inlaid access tile option where tiles containing pre applied Dycem replace existing tiles in your facility. This is an ideal solution if there is a need for a seamless flooring solution and access to cabling is required regularly.

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