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Successful strategy in a distribution business starts with really doing the homework to understand the underlying drivers of commercial success: which customers are profitable today? How important is scale? We help our clients with proven approaches and a track record of successful strategy development and execution.

Frequently Asked Questions

BioPharma and MedTech clients achieve optimal market access in the Middle East. This is achieved through a combination of a web based subscription service which aims to act as a ‘virtual’ expert to hold your hand as you navigate the processes; and also through one to one strategic advice, support for product profiling, pricing and dossier development and to support lobbying activity for when a plan B is needed.

Pharmaceutical Industries, BioMedox supplies high quality APIs to nearly 100 customers in over 5 countries from the leading global manufacturer of APIs, providing more than 300 quality APIs manufactured at 19 state-of-the-art production facilities.

At BioMedox International, we take our partnerships with our clients very seriously, and we view our partners’ success as our own. Our years of accrued expertise and knowledge provides significant added value to our partners.

Why BioPharma?

BioMedox Biopharma’s focus is to further develop their completely new class of anti-infective medicine, starting with antibiotics based on Minor Groove Binder (MGBs) compounds.

  • Uncompromising commitment
  • Professional Excellence
  • Maintain our Reputation
  • Realise sustainable
  • Entrepreneurial Pursuit
  • Development milestone leading
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