• Dustcontrol


    Dustcontrol manufactures and customizes
    portable dust extractors, air cleaners and
    industrial extraction systems with very high levels
    of filtration for your requirements

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  • Dustcontrol collect all dusts on their origins
  • Management in hard times.

    Don’t let your business evolve according to the pace of others. Contact us to discover how we can help with the management of your company.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Dycem products have a life span of between 1 - 5 years. After that point the effectiveness will start to diminish. All Dycem products are fully warranted for 1 year and depending on traffic and general usage, a Dycem floor will continue to be effective for even longer than the recommended 1 - 5 years. But even after three years a Dycem floor is still twice as effective as a brand new Peel-off Mat.

    Dycem will save you money in a number of ways:

    • by improving product yields.
    • by lowering cleaning and maintenance costs
    • by reducing consumables spending and waste disposable costs.

    Dycem has a highly responsive telephone customer support department to answer all your queries.

    Dycem is internationally recognised under ISO 9001:2000 standard, assuring you of top quality products and services, continuity of supply and technical support.

    Why Choose Dycem's Product?

    wide range of product options, including loose laid mats, fixed mats and bespoke floor coverings to suit your individual needs.

It is important to choose the right size Zone, as correct sizing optimises both performance and life cycle.

    • CleanZone
    • WorkZone
    • Protectamat
    • Access Tiles
    • Wall Panel
    • Bench Mat

    Dycem's Product Range

    Wall Panel

    Wall and ceiling panels The wall panels are the perfect complement to Dycem, creating a 3...

    Access Tiles

    Application The application for this product offering will be for areas where segmentatio...


    For Pedestrian and Light Wheeled Traffic Protectamat is a 7mm (1/4"0) thick loose laid pr...


    For large trolleys, pallet trucks and forklifts WorkZone has been specially designed to b...


    For Pedestrian and Light Wheeled Traffic CleanZone is a high performance anti microbial f...

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