INEA Recognition Program for Adult Education

by Celia Reyes
With the aim of creating better opportunities within our manufacturing plant in Tijuana, BC, as well as to focus on the continued development of competencies for our employees, Biotix implemented several programs that support continuing and higher education. This has resulted in higher quality and productivity at all levels. The programs implemented are:

  1. Literacy & Continued Adult Education Program
  2. English as a Second Language
  3. Financial Assistance to Employees in University Programs

Literacy & Continued Adult Education Program
The Literacy & Continued Adult Education Program is offered to employees on-site, via a Governmental Agency for the Education of Mexico, the INEA – Instituto Nacional para la Educacion de los Adultos, or Institute for Adult Education. This program offers the opportunity to those employees interested in accomplishing their primary and secondary level education up to High School, with the assistance and supervision of a credited Educational Coach.

Congratulations go to the following employees, who through their dedication and efforts have concluded their Primary and/or Secondary Continued Adult Education:

    Juana Angélica Figueroa
    Rosalina Carrillo Garcia
    Laureana Olan Flores
    Blanca Olivia Armenta Armenta
    Magnolia Salazar Pacheco
    Juana Estrada Estrada
    Olga Lidia Delgado Sosa
    Marcela Robledo Mayorga
    Lorena Leon Sierra
    Maria de Jesus Figueroa Rodríguez
    Alejandrina Hueto Espinoza

A formal graduation took place on September 4, 2013 where every employee was recognized for his/her achievements and celebrated with the rest of the Manufacturing Plant.

English as a Second Language
We currently have 10 employees enrolled in the English as a Second Language program, who have advanced to the third level. We applaud and encourage these employees who are continuing to expand their knowledge.

Participating in this program are:

    Julio Alcantar Beltrán
    Mayte Mendoza González
    Miguel Romero Rosas
    Alejandra Lopez Magos
    Cesar Gómez Muñoz
    Julio Rodriguez Vargas
    Bárbara Ayala Ayala
    Luis Puga Ramos
    Mario Guzman Martínez

Financial Assistance to Employees in University Programs (Scholarships)
Through the company’s scholarship program, two of our employees are enrolled in University programs. They were selected as their University courses are directly linked to their job and to the company’s activities.
Karla Lizbeth Espinoza Galvan, Quality Assurance, is enrolled in the University program of Business Administration & Development. Mayte Mendoza Gonzalez, Quality Control, is currently in the University program of Industrial Engineering.
Biotix strives to improve our education and training programs for the benefit of the company as whole, so we are very proud to congratulate these employees and encourage the rest to take advantage of these local programs.

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