Why Choose Biotipox?

You need absolute confidence in your results. That’s why Biotipox tips are engineered to increase pipetting accuracy, improve fit and flexibility, and keep contamination out of the picture.

  • High quality
  • Tightly controlled environment
  • Technically superior lot control
  • Environmental responsibility
  • confidence in your results
  • Clean Delivery

Why Choose Euromex?

Euromex carry all products on stock, ready to deliver. 98% of all orders are processed within 5 working days. Euromex ensures to keep spareparts for all microscopes and instruments for a period of 20 years

  • Was founded in 1966
  • More than 1.000.000 microscopes delivered
  • 80 countries through distributors
  • Carry all products on stock
  • Processed within 5 working days
  • Customer specifications

Q-scope® Digital Microscopes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Euromex and Novex products can only be ordered with one of our resellers. We can introduce you to closest reseller in your neighborhood.

A standard twelve (12) month warranty applies on our products except on the following microscopes on which the following extended warranty periods applies:

  • For all Euromex microscopes:  10 year
  • For all Novex microscopes:  5 year
  • For all other Novex microscopes : 3 year

ImageFocus is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7,  32 en 64 bits configurations

About Biotix

We’ve worked in labs and know what you need to accomplish. Our goal at Biotix is to make it easier for you to get there.