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The company that brought you A BETTER TIP™ introduces an even BETTER Portfolio.

ROBOTIC TIPS – Biotix now has a full suite of 96-style and 384-style high performance robotic tips for the leading automation platforms from Beckman®, Tecan®, Agilent® and more!

MANUAL PIPETTE TIPS – More features and new options including Chem-Resin™, X-Resin™, pre-sterile and non-sterile, filter and non-filter, racked, bulk, or packaged for the Tip Eject™ pipette tip reload system.

RESERVOIRS – We now offer a comprehensive line of disposable reagent reservoirs for manual and automated pipetting. Precision molded wells, compatibility with multichannel pipettes, and excellent chemical resistance make these a must for every lab.

PLATES – Every great robotic tip needs to be paired with a high performing plate. Select from over 13 different styles of 96 and 384-well Assay, Deep-well and PCR plates. There’s a plate for every need!

TUBES – Only the very best tubes receive the XTreme Quality™ seal of approval. After extensive performance testing, we are confident our tubes can meet the challenge of the most exacting protocols. Discover our new microcentrifuge tubes with X-Resin™ for amazing sample recovery.

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