Non Filter Pipette Tips

Manual Pipette Tips

Manual Non-Filter Tips featuring X-Resin®: With the sensitivity of today’s life science assays, even minor sample variations introduced by pipetting can impact results. Our patented X-resin technology helps ensure robust data by eliminating the presence of residual fluid in pipette tips. Improve sample uniformity and CV values while preventing the loss of samples during pipetting.

Manual Non-Filter Tips featuring Chem-Resin®: When working with challenging strong polar solvents or highly electronegative reagents, Biotix manual tips with Chem-Resin offer superior performance. Unlike the ultra-low retention properties of Biotix X-Resin, the Chem-Resin tips have a more neutral surface tension. The reduced hydrophobicity facilitates low volume draw and drip-free dispense of these classes of chemicals.

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