For Pedestrian and Light Wheeled Traffic

Protectamat is a 7mm (1/4"0) thick loose laid product which is designed for pedestrian and light wheeled traffic.


Due to its thickness, the Protectamat has a particular weight that allows it to remain in position within an environment without the need for adhesive. In some circumstances, including heavier traffic loads and frequencies, the Protectamat can be offered with self adhesive pre-applied on the underside.

The centre of the Protectamat is manufactured in a midnight blue to highlight contamination tracked by traffic and is accompanied by red diminishing leaders to allow a smooth transition on and off the area.


Can be used in a variety of areas containing pedestrian and light wheeled traffic where the subfloor is smooth and undamaged. Heavy traffic loads over 100kgs and equipment such as forklifts are not suitable for this product.

Protectamat placement is suited to smooth subfloors but works just as effectively on subfloor conditions such as safety flooring and tiled flooring. This product offering is favourable in environments where frequent movements of the Dycem is required i.e. Semi Wet areas where wet cleaning of the subfloor is required. The Protectamat can easily be lifted and removed and cleaned underneath to stop bacterial growth.


  • Protectamats are an ideal supplement for SOPs in areas that require removal and replacement of Dycem, so that subfloors can be wet cleaned.
  • Between cleaning Dycem can look dirty. This is good news - otherwise particles and microbes would be in your critical areas with the risk of contaminating your products and processes.

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