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Application: This product is substitute for traditional rainie nickel catalyst, mainly used in the basic organic chemical catalytic hydrogenation reaction.Can be used for the hydrogenation of carbon-carbon bonds of organic compounds, carbon and nitrogen key hydrogenation, nitroso compound and hydrogenation of nitro compounds; Azo and oxidation azo compound, imide, and even the n dibenzyl hydrogenation.
amorphous alloy catalysts, relative to other amorphous catalyst activity was only slightly lower, often used for easier for or selective hydrogenation reaction, in cyclobutene sulfone hydrogenation tetramethylene sulfone, the preparation of amino phenol nitrophenol hydrogenation, aromatic ring hydrogenation naphthene, aldehyde, ketone, hydrogenation alcohol, aromatic amine, the preparation of hydrogen peroxide in the field has been widely used.


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